Each Silva Cell installation is unique to existing site requirements. Costs will vary based on characteristics of the site, the quantity of frames and decks required for the project, the tree size and stormwater treatment goals, and the design objectives. Remember that each frame is 48'' (1200 mm) long x 24'' (600 mm) wide x 16'' (400 mm) high and holds about 10 ft3 (.28 m3) of soil.

According to bid tabulations from two-layer projects across North America, the Silva Cell system generally costs $14 - $18 per cubic foot installed (that estimate includes everything except the base course, the final paving and the tree itself). Remember that this is general pricing only; please contact us about pricing specific to your project.

Contractors, please email or call (415 781 9700) for an estimating worksheet.
For price information specific to your project, contact us for a quote; we'd be happy to assist you.


  1. Include the soil in the tree openings themselves as well the soil in adjacent open space accessible to the tree when calculating the total available soil volume in the area of work.
  2. Decks and frames are priced differently, and frames are less expensive. Since each stack of Silva Cells needs one deck -- regardless of how many frames there are -- it is more economical to design a deep system than a wide system.
  3. Provide approximately 1,000 ft3 (28 m3) of soil for a canopy tree and 600 ft3 (17 m3) of soil for an understory tree. Stormwater treatment volumes will vary based on project location and goals.
  4. Always make tree openings as large as possible. This is the least expensive soil you can "buy," and larger openings will accommodate the size and trunk flare of a mature tree.
  5. Wherever possible, use Silva Cells to link tree openings to each other or to existing nearby soil volumes, such as parks or lawns. Trees that share soil need less overall soil per tree than those in isolated soil volumes.

For long-term cost information, please read our Lifecycle Cost Analysis to see how trees planted in Silva Cells have a simple payback period of 21 years, while trees planted in 4' x 4' cutouts never repay their planting costs.

For design guidelines, check out our Silva Cell details and other supporting documents. You can also download a case study to read about some of our featured projects from around the globe.

For price information specific to your project, please contact us for a quote; we'd be happy to assist you.